One Question Interview

Austin (Texas) American-Statesman, Oct.29, 2004


You didn't conduct a bird study in the usual scientific manner, heavy on data and theories to test. Instead, you latched onto a gutsy pilot and took off to follow a peregrine wherever she took you. Why?

Alan Tennant:

Because this is not a science book. It's not even really a bird book. This is a romance -- in the broadest sense -- about how I became obsessed with a femme fatale. A falcon. My pilot, George Vose, and I were on a quest, like following the Grail. Our peregrine just mesmerized us. For Vose it was similar to his barnstorming days: flying cross-country without much electronic equipment. We saw what the birds saw, did what they did, fought the same winds, wandered everywhere with them. We shared their puzzlement, their confusion. You can read reams of fact in scientific papers, but that's not the same as living with these creatures, in the air, for months.

'Read an excerpt from the book'

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